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Tourism at Solok Selatan

Solok Selatan district area is a part of Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) can be a natural tourism
* Fauna such as Sumatran tiger, gibbon,
* Many kinds of birds and other animals.
* Flora, such as: flowers Raflesia, Angrek.
* Tours of nature such as water fall,
* Sei. Talang, Hill and Lake Buntak.
* Tour culture: Places of historic,
* Traditional MinangKabau village and others.

Kerinci Mountain
Mountains that have reached an altitude of 3805 + m above the sea level rise is among the hills around itself. Mountain so that enchain inspired many of us to do adventure to learn more diverse wealth of flora and fauna. Gunung Kerinci is the highest mountain in Indonesia.

Location: Located between Solok Selatan and Kerinci ( Jambi )

Air Terjun TIMBULUN ( Timbulun Waterfall )
This waterfall has a height of about 15 m, which is the flow of the river Batang Liki. Location waterfall is very strategic, because it is located on the right side of the road Labuh-Muara Raya Padang Aro.

Location: Located in Nagari Lubuk Gadang + 2 km from the Capital City District (Padang Aro) and + 161 km from the capital of Province (Padang).

Air Terjun TIMBULUN Koto BIRAH ( timbulun waterfall koto birah )
Waterfall with a height of 20 m is located in Koto Baru, Sungai Pagu District. Waterfall consists of 7 levels. The beauty of the scenery created by the waterfall is the share of water continue to cause a rumble and the dew semburuh cooling. Moreover, with the condition are still a natural and necessary development.

Location: Located in the Jorong Birah Nagari Koto Koto Pagu New River District. About + 2.5 km of the road Pekan Selasa Muara Labuh, and + 30 km from Padang Aro.

Air Terjun talang SEPINTIR ( Talang Sepintir Waterfall )
Waterfall with a height of 20 m , there is oil palm plantation in the area bordered by rubber plantation owned by the people. About 100 m from the waterfall there is this carpet empty land with an area approximately 2 hectares +. This area provided a place for camping. From this location we can see the form of rows of the hills area memgelilingi plant oil palm plantations that make beautiful nature there.

Location: Located in Nagari Sungai Kunyit, District Sangir Jujuan, + 27 km from the Capital District (Padang Aro) and + 190 km from the capital city of Province (Padang). Can be located with the vehicle wheel 2 (two) wheels or 4 (four).

Activities in the major tourist attractions ranging from Batang Liki flow conditions with a fairly swift and there are rock wall the left and right in the river, then jump to the major tourist attractions Sangir.Arus downpours Trunk Trunk Sangir flow is known as a quite challenging for the Sports major tourist attractions . This is because the level of difficulty is high enough that five gradien. Major tourist attractions trip ends in Batang Hari River.

Location: There in Nagari Lubuk Gadang, located in Batang Liki Jorong liki (+ 3 km from Padang Aro, + 160 km from Padang), located in Batang Sangir Jorong Sampu (+ 2 km from Padang Aro, + 165 km from Padang). This river flows into the River Day in the stem Ulung Nagari reservoir cover (79 + km of the Aro, + 242 km from Padang).

AIR Terjun TANGSI 4 Kerinci ( Tangsi 4 Waterfall )
Two (2) level waterfall which has a height of about 20 m this is the God who invaluable. Before we go to first waterfall location we will see of the tea garden paving the go to location we will not be too difficult because the paths for the Waterfall has been open.

Location: Located in the Sungai Lambai, Nagari Lubuk Gadang, District Sangir, precisely in the area Tea gardens Mitra Kerinci, about 8 km from the capital of Kabupaten Solok Selatan, Padang Aro.

Air Terjun Ulu SULITI ( SULITI Waterfall )
Air Terjun with a height of 40 m located on the border Solok Selatan and Solok. this waterfall Solok Selatan Regency. To reach to this location, we have to walk 5 Km far from the Border District poultice with Solok Selatan.

Location: Located in the Ulu Jorong Suliti, Nagari Pekan Rabaa, Parik Kecamatan Koto Gadang Diateh, about 55 km from the capital city districk of Solok Selatan, Padang Aro

This Water is stream down above the sunken reef, so that we can surf on the stream of. To reach to this location we can use the vehicle and Two Wheel Four Wheel.

Location: Located in the Sungai Lambai Nagari Lubuk Gadang, District Sagir. About 8 km from the capital of Kabupaten Padang Aro.

Air Terjun BATANG Daun ( Batang Daun Waterfall )
this waterfall with a height of approximately 15 Km.

Location: Located in Nagari Taratak baru sungai Kunyit, District Sangir Jujuan.

Air Terjun LAMBE ( Lambe Water fall )
this waterfall is located behind the Hill
Location: Located in the Wood Jorong Pinti Nagari pekan Rabaa, Kecamatan Koto Gadang Parik di Ateh, much over 55 km from the capital districk.

Tea Mitra Kerinci Plantation was path began in 1985, with a 1500 + ha of plantation, under the Mount Kerinci. Status of ownership of land is owned by the State under the authority of Finance Depertemen contracted by the PT. Mitra Kerinci for a period of 30 years. If we enter this area, you'll see the carpet of tea plants knowledgeable. Among some map / bedengan tea plants are plants Andong betwwen by the crimson that functions as a boundary limit distance quotation and add the beauty of tea Garden Tea, which is always tuck Mounth Kerinci. in this area there are also waterfalls Tansi Ampek of two levels, first level with a height of 15 meters and 10 meters a second level that is 5 meters from the first waterfall.

Location: Located in the Sungai lambai Jorong Nagari Lubuak Gadang, District Sangir, + 5 km from the capital district (Padang Aro) and + 158 km from the capital city of Province (Padang).

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